Tune In

Click the Play button below.

Or tune in with your web browser on our Live365 station profile link:

Get Me Radio!

You can use the Get Me Radio! app to tune in with your web browser, on your mobile device, or your favorite TV device.

Follow this link to tune in using your browser: https://getme.radio/a2zradio

Follow this link for instructions for installing the app on your preferred device: A2Z Radio is now on Get Me Radio!

MyTuner Radio


Listen on Streema

Listen to us on your mobile device with the Simple Radio App by searching for A2Z Radio.

Get it from the Apple Store or Google Play.

You can also tune in with your browser here: https://streema.com/radios/A2Z_Radio

If you have an Alexa, you can have it learn LIVE 3 6 5 and then tell it to PLAY A 2 Z Radio!

Download the app on your mobile device and search for A2Z Radio after installation is complete.