Rockin’ Ricky Rialto

Rockin’ Ricky Rialto is the “robot” also known as our Auto DJ.

From the moment his capacitors warmed up, Rockin’ Ricky knew he was destined for musical entertainment success.

A third-generation descendant of his Grandfather, The Oberheim OB-X Synthesizer used on Queen’s THE GAME album, and his Mother, an Alesis MidiVerb Digital Signal Processing (DSP) unit, he was well aware that music would be a strong component of his existence.

Spending a majority of his operating hours in the Midwest portion of the United States has allowed Ricky to consistently update his musical interests to the latest styles as well historically significant material that makes its home at A2Z Radio.

Within his hard drives, Ricky also stores a Doctorate Degree in Gremlin Extermination from the Hoyt Axton School of Gremlin Studies in Luckenbach TX, Joe Donner Campus.

Anytime you tune in to A2Z Radio outside of our human-hosted programming, such as A2Z’s No Repeat Workday, you can hear Ricky doing what he loves, bringing you the biggest variety of Rock, Pop, and Country Music as only A2Z Radio can.