David “Big D” Milliern

Molded by 70’s music and raised in the 80’s, Big D has been surrounded by music his entire life. As a young boy, his fondest memories are of he and his mother riding in the car and listen to music. So many of the songs from the 70’s hold a special place.

During his formative years, he was introduced to Motown, jazz, classical music and everything in between. Once in high school, Big D discovered musicals, performing in the school choir and so many other styles of music.

At 14, he was introduced to a band that would change his lifeā€¦ The Mighty Van Halen. Once that door was open, things wouldn’t be the same. The name of the show, The House of Pain was inspired by a the song of the same name.

The fascination of hard rock/heavy metal was a spell he couldn’t break, and is under to this day. With a wide musical range at his disposal, Big D loves bringing passion to his show each and every time he hits the airwaves.

Each show offers something for almost everyone: hard and heavy, classic and groovy to completely out of control. If YOU enjoy a wide variety of music, then Big D and The House of Pain is for you! Stop by, tune it, and let the songs take you away!