Ron “Creature” Creech

Creature was born and raised in the cornfields of Indiana before he left at age 17 to see the world and serve in the Military. Growing up through the 70’s and 80’s in an area surrounded by farms and but a couple of radio stations, before the great Oz created this great thing called the Internet, music choice was either 96Rock out of Cincinnati, Ohio or anyone of the many Local Country music stations. There wasn’t a big diversity in the music choice. As Creature found his way around the globe in the military he cultivated a love for just about any structured noise you could throw at him. As a mobile DJ from the late 80’s until the present, his mental music library is one to be proud of …. At least in his mind!

But the true beginning of Creature’s musical attraction began in the very early 80’s when he saw the performance of a band consisting of some of his upperclassman in the annual school variety show. When they tore into their version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Needle and The Spoon, Creature says that was the exact moment he knew.

The ROCKIN’ REDNECK SHOW, is Creature’s attempt to bring you a Country Music and Southern Rock show with edge. A show that walks the line of Old and New music with a touch of adult humor. Something you WILL NOT find on terrestrial radio and to bring you a playlist of longer than the same 12 songs every hour!

With 30 plus years as a Mobile DJ and just under 8 years as an Internet Radio DJ, Creature just wants to bring the noise and wants it to be LOUD!