If you’d like to create your own unique username for this chat, please visit You can also open the chat in a new window/tab here:

You can listen to the station directly in the chat by clicking the speaker icon in the chat window.

Please take a look at the chat guidelines below the chat window.

Please abide by the following guidelines when using the A2Z Radio Chat:

  1. If you’re an A2Z DJ and another A2Z DJ is currently broadcasting, please refrain from discussing and/or promoting your shows, interviews, etc. until the current DJ’s show has concluded.
  2. Please be courteous to other listeners in the chat. We all have differing points of view and we should be respectful of each other. Personal attacks are unwelcome.
  3. Hate speech and racist remarks are also unwelcome.
  4. Don’t share photos and/or memes with nudity or other vulgar content.
  5. Don’t spam the chat. No one wants to buy your stuff.