Robert “Rockin’ Rob” Bloomer

The Classic Cafe is on Saturdays!

Rockin’ Rob’s love for music started at an early age. His older brother was a self taught musician and began putting bands together that played in the basement. Classic Rock, Southern Rock, and Country were the primary genres he grew up listening to. He religiously listened to FM during his teenage years and of course made hundreds of mix tapes of his favorite music. His first experience as a DJ was on the social media platform PalTalk. He would form music rooms and share his love of music. During that time he got to know his soulmate Melissa. She had mentioned to him about a broadcasting school in Ohio, he did his inquiries about said school, and enrolled in 2007. After graduation he landed a job at a local FM station in Northeast Ohio. He DJ’d there for a decade on two local stations while also DJing on internet radio for more than 15 years. You can catch him in the Classic Cafe here on Saturday afternoons!